And relax!

After the hardest but most successful term we’ve ever had, we’re really looking forward to a well-earned Christmas break!

In November we joined our friends, Audley Male Voice Choir and Audley Brass at the Victoria Hall, Hanley in a concert of remembrance. Falling exactly 100 years after the end of World War I, the concert commemorated all those who lost their lives or loved ones in all human conflict. It was an exceptionally moving occasion and there wasn’t a single person in that great hall that was not affected by the many poignant moments throughout the evening.

For UHC it was also a challenge but a triumph, as it was the first concert that we have performed with no sheet music in front of us. This meant we had to learn all ten pieces by heart, three of which were in Latin. As a choir, we like to push ourselves outside our comfort zone and improve our performances. After the Remembrance concert, we have been left with a great sense of achievement.

With our main focus being on the Remembrance performance, this left us with only four weeks to prepare our own Christmas Concert. Entitled ‘Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime’, that was exactly what we had – a wonderful time! With candlelit carol singing, sleigh bells, Santa hats, twelve pass-the-parcels making their way around the audience and lively music from Penkhull Village Brass, it really started the festive season with gusto!

Before we sign off for this year, we must say a special thank you to our Musical Director, Sue. We may all think we’ve worked hard in UHC this year, but we know that she has worked twice as hard to bring all this years’ performances together and we are truly grateful.

Merry Christmas from UHC and we’ll see you in the New Year for more exciting singing events!