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Singing with this choir lifts my spirits and I always retire on a high note on Tuesday evenings!
UHC member

Congratulations to all of the choir for an amazing performance alongside Audley Male Voice CHoir and Audley Brass. It was an incredibly good performance by UHC on such a very special day which was thoroughly enjoyed by not only the both of us, but all of the audience that we heard commenting as we left. Keep up all of the hard work it really shows!
Audience member at the Heroes Remembered concert at the Victoria Hall

For the last four years, the choir has become central to my life. It’s been so varied, often challenging and very exciting throughout. My confidence musically has grown but it’s the friendliness and being part of such a group of lovely people that’s been so good. I hope that my voice doesn’t fail me because life without UHC would be so much less enjoyable.
Val B

Lovely people, lovely music, fabulous Director and Accompanist. Fun, friends and music, what could be better!
UHC member

I didn’t realise that being part of a choir would be so much fun. I have made so many new friends and it is so nice that everyone cares.
UHC member

We loved your choir, a beautiful, tight, warm feeling sound. Excellent harmonies. Great song choice.
Organiser of Stoke Sings

When I moved to the area I didn’t know anyone. When I was asked if I wanted to sing in the choir, I jumped at the chance because I missed performing and loved singing in the choir at the Christmas carol services. I’ve loved rehearsing and performing with such a great bunch of ladies. I’ve learnt so much about singing under Sue’s leadership; who knew breathing was so difficult! As well as the singing I’ve also enjoyed the friendships and the laughs.
UHC member

I enjoy the friendship, the singing. Sue always manages to get the best out of everyone.
UHC member

We are the music of life – all four seasons, weddings, funerals of friends, tributes and charities; for the last seven years. Full voices, fun and friendship, much pride, we are an award winning choir! A springboard and gateway to other opportunities, like singing with a 1000 strong chorus at the Royal Albert Hall, joining male choirs at bigger venues and village concerts. Just fab!